Best used car ad ever

Who would have thought such wit could come out of Barrie*? Either way, this is flippin’ hilarious- and spares us trying to be funny today! Enjoy…

1998 Subaru Impreza Wagon For Sale

Woops- the ad is gone. I guess he actually managed to pawn this tampon-on-wheels off onto someone…

Did we copy-paste the hilarious hyperbolic-macho description the guy wrote about his car, to preserve our plagiarism given this no-link inevitability? No…no we didn’t. “Let’s do that later…” we’d said.

Apparently, we neglected to note that when “later” arrived, the ad would be gone. Ah, well. So..uh…it was a really lame 1998 Impreza Wagon with like 200 klix and only 134HP haha. Yet, the guy claimed it had been to hell-and-back and went into quite some detail about how you had to be a super-ninja-pirate badass to handle it (and fork over $2000, “Elle Oh Elle,” the thing was probably worth $400 tops.)

Anyway, we know what you’re thinking: “Eughh, pirate references? Ninjas? That sh*t’s all over the web and it’s NOT FUNNY. Sounds like a lame Maddox ripoff.” OK, granted, this is all true BUT this guy actually did it quite artfully and it was really funny.

Oh man, haha, just thinking about how funny it was haha. Oh well. Too bad you missed it.

*For our US friends; Barrie is to Toronto as Buffalo is to New York City

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