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Rush Limbaugh vs. Michael Moore: Fattest Hypocrite?

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

Two fat retards, obviously. F*ckin’ dead heat on that one.

But who is the fattest hypocrite?

One fat retard perpetually argues via his nationally syndicated radio talk show for such ultra-right-wing hallmarks as bans on abortion, gay marriage and, especially, enthusiastically calls for Draconian laws against drug users. Yet – this fat f*ck who would gladly lock a guy up for 10 years for smoking marijuana alone in his apartment while watching freakin’ cartoons – was famously caught illegally popping prescription pain pills, these which he sent his housekeeper to buy for him on the street!

Wow- can ya be a fatter hypocrite??

The guy continuously postures as some kind of righteous crusader for socially conservative values yet in practice is a rank violator of those same values!

Hmmm. Tough to beat.

But get this- the other fat retard perpetually argues via his “documentary”* films for such ultra-left-wing hallmarks as firearm confiscation, terrorist apologism, socialized healthcare and especially that wealthy “corporatist” “elitist” “parasitic” capitalist business owners generally (what else?) exploit the American working class for their own gain. Yet – this fat f*ck who would gladly cap what a business owner who mortgaged their flippin’ house and worked a 100 hours a week to start the damn enterprise could make from their own sweat equity in the name of income redistribution – flies around in private jets, regularly stays at the Ritz Carlton and other ultra posh hotels, has a frickin’ ginormous holiday mansion in addition to his 10,000 sq. ft. luxury Manhattan condo and generally lives the ultra-opulent lifestyle of an ultra-successful capitalist!** (…save for his supremely-not-opulent indie filmmaker uniform of stinky old pants, cheap ball cap, and fat man wool coat- this little 24/7 ensemble of his obviously meant to communicate that he lives a life of unbridled modesty, as would befit his unceasingly-espoused political views. He couldn’t exactly join the Occupy protesters garbed in Hugo Boss…it’s just that unfortunately the rest of his life exactly reflects a Hugo Boss magazine ad backdrop.)

Wow- can ya be a fatter hypocrite??

The guy continuously postures as some kind of righteous crusader for fiscally liberal values yet in practice is a rank violator of those same values!

Hmmm, two fat hypocrites.

Now, as much as we at TTT hate Michael Moore, we’re gonna have to give the award to ol’Rush.

Really, what’s better than an anti-drug windbag getting caught abusing illegal drugs??

It’s so…”concise”!


…Next week, tune in for the Light-Heavyweight Biggest Imbecile championship bout between Glenn Beck and Al Franken!
*the lists compiling the factual inaccuracies in each of fattie’s “documentary” films are truly exhaustive. Just Google a few of’em. Note: most aren’t even right-winger sources, they’re just objective lists from other filmmakers disputing Moore’s flagrant misuse of the term “documentary” in his “documentary films.”

**We suppose that after you’ve banked $50 million from your little fictionmentary franchise (i.e. a business), it’d be tough to remain “that humble indie filmmaker from Flint,” own only one residence (3BR/2.5Bath), fly coach, and stay at Holiday Inn Expressezezz. If only he wasn’t such a f*ckin’ whiny-ass, Gracchian class warfare warrior for the downtrodden little-guy, there’d be no glaring hypocrisy….

Most Coveted Automobiles Have No Balls

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Ah, the automobile. The ultimate status symbol.* Whether it’s the nicest Integra in the poor-as-sh*t neighborhood or the nicest Ferrari in the rich-as-f*ck gated enclave, everyone wants their whip to be admired – if not generally – than at least by those in their peer group.

Don’t believe us?

97% of US car sales are financed, which is to say; 97% of people probably should have gotten a model more akin to a 3-year-old-Kia-under-50,000-miles if their oft-espoused “Cars are just to get from point A to point B” saying was actually something they believed in rather than just something they said to sound all sensible, prudent and un-materialistic.

Weird thing is, the most status-y of the status-symbol models have no balls.

“Huh?” you sputter. “But the fanciest cars always have the sickest engines!”

True, but still No.

Let’s explain…

Case I: The SUV

Nothing says “I have a lot of money” like a Range Rover SUV- specifically, the Supercharged top model version that boasts 510HP.* Preferably in white, just like in the rap videos.

“Wow…look at it…dripping with chrome. The dashboard submerged within rare oak and the seats hand-sewn with custom, creamy leather. So sleek…so stately. A subdued power. A kind of ferocious elegance. I…I……I want one.”

NO! Stop right there, friendo. Sure, it’s pretty. Granted. Tough to knock that body style. And 510HP? Very impressive. But slow down: It’s got no balls.

“No balls?”


“510 horse? That sounds like a f*ckload of balls!”

No, palie, no. It’s a mirage. …Let’s put it this way: If a Chevy Tahoe hit that thing full on it would crumple like an effete British boarding school kid getting punched in the stomach by a large, black man from Detroit. Yes it would crumple and burn along with all the Holt Renfrew* shit in the trunk.

“Huh? But the very best model Tahoe only has 403 horse??”

OK, let’s put it another way: if a Chevy Tahoe hit that thing it would buckle like Orlando Bloom getting hit in the chest with a crowbar by Marshall Mathers. It would buckle and burn along with all the organic, gluten-free, hypo-alergenic Whole Foods groceries in the trunk.

“Ohhh…I think I’m getting it. What’s in my trunk? In the Tahoe??”

Sh*t from The Bay**. And normal groceries from a normal grocery store. And maybe an M16.

“Oh, I like that.”

Yeah, that’s right. You still get some oak on the dash, not-retardedly-chrome chrome wheels and leather seats to make you feel all warm inside, but not so much of that sh*t that you’re left driving a purse-with-wheels.

“Ah, nice.”

And get this…


…the Tahoe is what the Secret Service drives.


Check the grill, friend.


Yeah, baby. And it isn’t stupid expensive. Half as much.

“I like that.”

Best part?


It’s got balls.**

“Ohhh, yes. Now I get it.”


We knew that you would.

Now, let’s move on to the only other type of car a person ever really needs…

Case II: The Sports Car

We were wrong before: Nothing says “I have a lot of money” like a BENTLEY- specifically, the Bentley GT Continental.* Again: preferably in white, just like in the rap videos.

And again: the chrome, the oak, the leather- oh my! And the latest, best model? Boasts 592HP.

“Dude- that’s hitting concept car balls. Surely, you can’t again say…”

Oh, yes; yes we can. And we will. Even with near 600 horses under the hood. This thing…has no balls.


Let’s put it this way: If a Chevy Corvette ZR1 raced that thing it would be like Jim Brown sprinting against Piers Morgan.

“Yeah? What’s the horse on the Corvette? This is pretty important in the f*ckin’ sports car category- ya can’t just gloss over it like ya did before with the trucks!”

We agree: 638HP.

“OK, OK- more horses; but not by much. What’s the torque? I mean the Bentley has 479 ft-lb’s!”

604 ft-lb’s.


Yeah, your giant status symbol would get mowed down by Detroit brawn worse than the British did at Bunker Hill.

“Yeah, I get it now.”

The ‘vette would smoke that ostentatious ‘tardmobile harder than Miller Genuine Draft smoked Amy Winehouse.****

“Look: I said ‘I get it,’ OK?!”

Hey baby:

It just. makes. sense.

Case III: The Minivan

No one covets a minivan. That’d be like comparing two turds.

A minivan says to the world “I have given up on life.”

And if you need space – a perfectly reasonable request – and seats for soccer practice and the occasional 3 AM dead hooker when the kids are asleep and so on and so on, well; refer back to Case 1!

*Beyond Robb Report shit like motoryachts and whatnot. We’re talkin’ everyone here…I mean, what other possession do you parade around town more than your car?

**This is the uber-yuppie, premium department store of Canada. US readers: please sub in “Saks 5th Avenue.”

***US readers: ummm….JC Penney? But, ah, like back in the 80s when it was still reasonably nice? …Like the JC Penney Marty McFly would have gone to?? Yeah. Like that.

****too soon?

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